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Get Insider Grocery Savings Secrets

by Stephanie Nelson

Today it is extremely easy for shoppers to get good information from other shoppers via couponing message boards and forums. Shoppers who are working on cutting their grocery bill should join at least one couponing forum because other shoppers are the best source of savings information. It is also easy for shoppers to post information about great grocery and coupon deals they have found on forums like the forum at and the CoolSavings Community. Any shopper can read the information posted without registering, which makes it very easy to take advantage of other shoppers' great tips!

The Coupon Mom forum's objective is to make it easy for shoppers to share information with each other. Although it was only launched at the beginning of September, it already has over 1,200 active members posting useful savings tips every day. One of the most popular sections of the forum is the "Share Success Stories" thread. It's amazing to read about shoppers getting hundreds of dollars of groceries FREE by using their Strategic Shopping skills, all across the country.

There is also a section that allows new coupon users to ask questions, and experienced coupon users are quick to answer with helpful advice. Because many of the active members have used coupons for years, it's a great place to get free advice and insight on how to maximize your grocery savings.

The most popular section is the "All About Grocery Coupons" section which is where members let other members know about free coupon links. In addition to the printable coupon pages at and, this section has many posts with direct links to manufacturers sites that have printable coupons available. Those are free money!

Stephanie Nelson is the founder of the free grocery-deals website, with over 800,000 members. She has shared her savings advice on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, CNN, Fox News and many local television and radio broadcasts.