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DIY Fall Decorations

Want to give your home a cozy, fall look? It's easier and cheaper than you think. In fact, with just a few easy-to-find supplies and a crafty touch, you could decorate your entire home and come in well under budget. Here, we picked our favorite five craft supplies that equal a cornucopia of fall décor:

DIY Fall Decorations
  1. Mason Jars: There's a reason mason jars are a craft-lover's go to supply—they are versatile, inexpensive, and add a cozy touch to any project. For the perfect fall accent, decoupage orange and red leaves from your own back yard to the outside of a mason jar. (For DIY beginners, this means gluing the leaves onto the jar, smoothing out the bumps, and then applying a sealing coat.) Once the glue is dry, drop in a tea light and enjoy the warm, autumn glow. Or for an ultra-simple idea, place a fall-scented candle inside a mason jar, and add a handful of acorns.
  2. Pumpkins: Nothing represents fall more than a pumpkin, and there are many things you can do with nature's favorite craft. Make your own pumpkin topiary by stacking pumpkins of graduating sizes atop a plant potter. Add sprigs of cranberries for embellishment. For a glamorous pumpkin candle holder, spray paint small pumpkins a metallic gold, silver, or bronze, and cut a candle-sized hole in the top. (You can place them on top of spray painted candlestick holders for extra height.)
  3. Leaves: No doubt you have plenty of leaves at hand, so you might as well make good use of them! Give your yard a country fall feel by making your own scarecrow. Just stuff old clothes with all those extra leaves, and use a pillow case for the face. Tie off the ends with strips of burlap, and you're all set. We also love the idea of making your own autumn leaf candles. Simply take a large candle and soften the wax with a hair dryer, then gently press in some leaves for an instant fall finish. And finally, you can press leaves and then display them on unused picture frames and use burlap for the backing.
  4. Branches: Whether your branches are totally bare or have a few springs of cranberries on them, just stick a bunch in a tall, clear vase for an ultra-chic and modern table setting. Or, cut thin branches to size and glue them horizontally to a glass votive candle. This will provide a delightfully woodsy ambiance to your mantle, accent tables, or anywhere else you choose.
  5. Textiles: One easy way to add a fall feel to your home is with throws you may already own. It's a great way to cover up bedspreads, couches, and chairs that don't fit into your fall theme. Just be sure to choose throws in rich colors and cozy fabrics for an inviting feel. Another great fall textile is burlap, and you can do just about anything with it. You can cut burlap into strips and use it as napkin ties or ribbon, or even thread and loop it around a wreath frame for shabby chic door décor.